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  « Making a ceramic chess set »

Creativity Inspiring Links

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 Landscapes (...that might make you want to go outside or climb big rocks and stuff.)

  «Step by Step Drawing tutorial (super easy)»  

  «Basic How to do Landscape Drawings (Easy)»  

  «Color Pencil Landscape Drawing (Intermediate)»  

  «Balloons Over the Hills (Photo Resource)»  

  «Tongariro Mahuia River in New Zealand (Challenging)»  

  «Photo of Parque Eagle River in Alaska (Challenging)»  

You don't have to draw/paint the whole scene, you could just do a small section, kinda like this (please forgive the sketchy sketch): «Parque Eagle River (Detail View)»  


 Fun 3D stuff (be careful - this might make you like Geometry..!)NO!

  «Mechanical “Origami” (easy to tough)»