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 Drawing and Painting Class Online Lessons

Week 4-2:  « 1st Art Video, One-Point Perspective starring Vincent Van Gogh (Week ending 4-3-2020) »

Week 4-2:  « Perspective Drawing Quiz Notes »


Week 4-3:  « One- and Two- Point Perspective Drawing Video (Week ending 4-10-2020) »

Week 4-3:  « Image for April 17th Quiz »

Week 4-5:  « Paint this Tree in Watercolor (week ending 4-24-2020) »

Week 4-6:  « Take this Test anytime and as many times as you wish from April 21st to May 1st »

Week 4-6:  « RapidFireArt Drawing Lesson. (Week ending 5-1-2020) »

Week 4-7:  « Bookmaking Ideas(Week ending 5-8-2020) »

Week 4-8:  Here's MY WAY How to Finish the Book (Week ending 5-15-2020) - BUT - you can do it
      any way you like.
There are tutorials better than this all over YouTube, like the ones I
      referenced in the previous link above (Week 7). Besides, if you want, you can put it off to finish
      it in class next year and INSTEAD, just do three hours of art again. The only benefits of
      doing the book at home are 1.) competing to do a ceiling tile, and 2.) a sense of accomplishment.
       « Mr. Wescott's Really Bad, Awful, Terrible BookMaking Tutorial »

 Ceramics Online Lessons

  « Making a ceramic chess set »

Creativity Inspiring Links

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 Perpective Drawing

  «How to Draw Boxes in 1-Point Perspective»  

  «How to draw a room in 2 point perspective»  

  «Balloons Over the Hills (Photo Resource)»  

  «Tongariro Mahuia River in New Zealand (Challenging)»  

  «Photo of Parque Eagle River in Alaska (Challenging)»  

You don't have to draw/paint the whole scene, you could just do a small section, kinda like this (please forgive the sketchy sketch): «Parque Eagle River (Detail View)»  


 Fun 3D stuff (be careful - this might make you like Geometry..!)NO!

  «Mechanical “Origami” (easy to tough)»